NoUrSchool is a Cherokee County School District based news outlet currently focused on Gaffney Senior High School and we need the student’s help. If you couldn’t tell just by our Mission, this is going to be a huge project, so we need as many hands on deck as we can get.

What Do We Need?

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NoUrSchool needs a team of students who can dedicate as much time as they can to the project. Yes, we are a company and that means we have strict standards for the staff of this. So, this is what we need;

  • Students that can gather important and relevant information from teachers, coaches, and club sponsors and relay it to Content Creators and Managers
  • Content Creators who can post important and relevant information in an ASAP manner to the site using appropriate SEO and Website tags (training for SEO will be given)
  • Content Managers to make sure that the content being posted is properly tagged and marked by Website and School standards
  • Social Media Managers to manage the account to get out important notifications to all of our social media outlets.
  • Staff Recruitment – this group is one of the ones that matter the most at this stage. You will recruit Content Creators who are interested and direct them to contacting the head of NoUrSchool,

If You’re Interested

If you or one of your friends are interested in working with NoUrSchool, please stop by Mr. MB Motts’s room or contact Clinton Davis.


Phone: (864) 492-2688