Advert Update : Its Finally Time

At NoUrSchool, we are here to look out for everyone, whether it be parent, teacher, student, or business. We have talked with our team and are understanding that our initial price of $.50/thousand views is a bit extensive even for our website at its early stage. This is why we have made the following updates to our policy.

Pricing on Advertisements

Our initial price for advertising was set at $30/month per month at a month-by-month lock-in. This has been changed drastically to about $.02 or less per thousand views, but we are not looking at this as an investment in advertisement space, but an investment in to NoUrSchool, our company, our team, and our success. We can ensure you that we will be around for many years in the foreseeable future and plan to make many great changes. Because of the price to uphold and maintain our team and servers, we have accepted to take advertisements at this price. We would like you to know that all investments on advertising space is completely tax deductible, therefore you can claim it at the end of the year.

How to Place an Advertisement

If you are a franchise operator, business owner, or are looking for a business or franchise operator, you can contact us regarding the placement of your advertisement. You can contact us directly via e-mail or phone. Our e-mail is and our primary phone number is 1 (864) 490-1714.

The Recap

NoUrSchool has changed our ad placement policy. This change affects the price and method of placing an advertisement. The price has been changed to $100.00 USD as a one-time payment for a two-year lock-in. This will be used as an investment to our company to help better production and services.


Thank you for your consideration in placing an advertisement to Your consideration is greatly appreciated by the entire team.