NoUrSchool Ad Program

About the NoUrSchool Ad Program

NoUrSchool (Know Your School) is a student-and-teacher oriented web-database type organization in partnership with the Cherokee County School District. We have no primary capitol besides private investors, so we rely on our Ad Program in partnership with our community. We could easily use Google AdSense, but we prefer to keep it in the community where it all started. With the help of you, being a small, or large, business owner, we are able to stay up and maintain our website, keep staff, because they are students, and make sure everything is as easygoing and as smoothe as possible.

What we Accept on Adverts

NoUrSchool (Know Your School) accepts advertisements based around community and/or high-school level adolescents. We can accept most advertisement types, but there are a few that we are legally not able to accept. (see to right.)

What we Can’t Accept

NoUrSchool (Know Your School) is legally not able to accept any advertisements that involve drug or alcohol abuse, use, or consumption. NoUrSchool is not allowed to promote any action of sexual conduct, gang violence or reference in a positive mannar, or anything partaining to such matters.